Month: November 2018

24 Nov 2018

Ruby Red

Denim Jacket – Gap / Dress – Nordstrom / Booties – Vince Camuto / Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs

When it comes to clothes shopping, I’ve never been much of a scavenger. Thrift stores are overwhelming to me. Even discounted stores like Nordstrom Rack make me feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. My favorite place to live these days though is a very specific rack at Nordstrom – “Final Few.” Earlier this year, I found myself in a pinch looking for last minute wedding guest dresses. They are easily my favorite and least favorite pieces to shop for. It’s my favorite because I try to be intentional with the dresses that I select making sure that they are appropriate for the style of wedding, setting, and has a bit of the bride’s personality sprinkled in. They are my least favorite because you never know when you’ll wear it again. I’ll consider buying a dress for a wedding a win if I can find another use for it.

When I saw this ruby red velvet dress on the “Final Few” rack, I knew almost immediately that I would love it. However, it had a lot of details in it that made me convinced I wouldn’t. First off, it doesn’t scream “spring wedding.” The style makes it more appropriate for winter. I was afraid the silhouette of the dress would age me in the opposite direction and make me appear younger. It also wasn’t a maxi – a dress that I’d been gravitating towards for the last few weddings I attended.

Maybe wearing this dress out for a lunch was a little bit much. I like to think that the denim jacket brought it down to casual, but who knows! Another tip I like to try to re-use some of my wedding-guest dresses is layering. The fall and winter seasons are perfect for it. Throw your dress over a turtleneck or long sleeve or make everyone think your dress is a skirt with a chunky sweater on top.

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18 Nov 2018

Who Hurt You

Even though I’ve had a close relationship with social media for the last 10 years, every now and then comes a moment that reminds me of its downsides. Today, I was called out by someone over Instagram DMs because I had watched their stories recently. First, they considered it “creepin” and then continued to not drop the situation by asking me why I had watched their stories. What makes you think you deserve an explanation? Why does there need to be any explanation at all?

And that’s what is wrong with social media in 2018. Every interaction: a like, a comment, a follow just HAS to mean something. It begs further explanation or an investigation if you will and I am not here for it. I’m going to admit that I’ve been guilty of this in the past maybe thinking about what it all meant or discussing with friends. I’ve never put someone on the spot though and it made me feel very uncomfortable being in that seat today.

As someone who looks at like 20 LinkedIn profiles a day, I am un-phased by things like this, but Instagram is a completely different platform. Apparently, there are very hidden meanings beneath the surface of it all. I wish this person well and hopefully that they never do this again to anyone because if I were them, I wouldn’t want to re-live this embarrassing moment. Let’s not demand responses and fish for reactions from others. If someone wants something from you, they’ll let you know, but you’re not going to get much out of Instagram actions.

18 Nov 2018

To All The Guests I’ve Loved Before w/ Noah Centineo

It has been months and we’re still not done with being obsessed with this movie. The funny part of this is that if you’ve ever followed Noah on Instagram, you’d discover that he’s a complete weirdo. I’m assuming that this is probably his most authentic self and while I find it endearing, we like to pretend he’s just Peter Kavinsky 24/7

17 Nov 2018

Emily Ratajkowski To Launch Lingerie Brand: M/RATA

It feels weird to call Emily Ratajkowski a celebrity because I’m not quite sure how to define that word these days. Instead, I’ve just been referring to her as an influencer or in some ways a feminist icon for 2018. Over the years, Ratajkowski has gotten a rep and been reduced to some less than ideal adjectives and for what? Mostly because of a pretty face, but she’s so much more than that.

Emily has acted in movies, sure. She also launched her swimwear line late last year: Inamorata. This year, we caught her protesting and getting arrested over Brett Kavanaugh, which is amazing in itself. She became a wife in 2018 and then took home the Revolve award for Woman of the Year. Now, she’s building out her fashion empire with a lingerie brand, M/RATA, and all of us are wondering if purchasing one of those pieces will allow us to look as good as her in them or at least feel sexy enough to be face down on a site like Not literally!

There aren’t too many details that have been released yet, but we do know the brand will be ready to launch November 22nd. Above is a teaser of what’s to come from the line.


17 Nov 2018

SF Eats: Souvla Frozen Greek Yogurt

Having a Souvla so close to me is dangerous! It’s so easy for me to want to pick up a cup of their frozen greek yogurt whenever I’m on my way home from anywhere. How I fight that urge every time is beyond me. I recently discovered on a trip there that instead of having to choose between my two favorites – sour cherry syrup and baklava crumbles & honey syrup, they can do a little bit of both! It’s honestly the perfect combo of tart, sweetness, and crunch. Perfect for just yourself or to share.

15 Nov 2018

Holiday Party Wear 2018

For Love and Lemons Marquee Maxi Dress – $270

Every year, holiday party season always comes up so fast! I’m excited this year to have a true holiday party with my current company and the opportunity to dress up. As soon as I discovered the date, I was off to the races. There are actually so many options this holiday season that I’m swooning over, but the trouble with every year is that I have in my mind what I already want. The hard part of that is that it often times is hard to find where that exists. Since I hold onto that dream of a dress for so long, I often don’t find it and find myself stressing last minute.

This year’s party will be on a Friday – a first for me! It’s also unfortunately the first year where Mandi and I won’t be getting ready together. I’ll be using my new favorite startup Glamsquad for hair and makeup though which I can’t say enough good things about. Lastly, I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind for what I want to wear, but I’m not quite ready to share that yet. What I do know is that I want to stay away from lace if I can and sleeves because we did that last year. If things don’t work out for me, at least I’ve got a post to fall back on.

To get into the spirit of creating this post, I just looked at last years post and am surprised at how much my tastes have changed in the last year. Since my party is earlier, I wanted to start this post early.We’re also going to release it earlier than any other year prior. Enjoy!

Temperley London Mosaico Dress – $1,295

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15 Nov 2018

MTV Spring Break Will Return In 2019

When my parents granted our family home with cable, I knew my life would be changed forever once I had MTV. When I moved out of our family home, one of the first things I did was look for the best internet and tv bundle so that I didn’t miss any episodes of my favorite shows. MTV was the channel that would essentially show me how my life was going to look as I grew up. I remember being in 8th grade and telling my history teacher that I aspired to be on Real World. Back then, it wasn’t actually the shitty show it became eight years ago. The cast members had jobs and they were tackling real-life cultural issues. Shout out to the Seattle and San Diego season.

Even though I knew I’d have to lie to my parents if I wanted to go, Spring Break was the place I had to go. But let’s be real, that’s no place for a pre-teenager. Naturally, we tried to grow up way faster than we should have. I shared the news of Spring Break returning to the guys today and the first thing I asked was, “Are we too old for this?” The answer is yes. I didn’t think it would be possible, but yes, you can outgrow television shows and the culture that surrounds them.

The network announced today that it would be rebooting this program which will be the cause of all FOMO I’m sure. The next season of Spring Break will take place at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun Mexico from March 19-21st. Has it always been this short? Probably, but MTV stretched this out for weeks in repeats! Here’s what you can expect: themed specials like before, celebrity guest appearances and of course everyone’s favorite – musical performances. Get ready to feel incredibly old watching this program this upcoming season.

Will this crash and burn like the revival of TRL or will this actually thrive? Guess we’ll know soon enough!



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