01 Dec 2018

My Trick For Avoiding Colds: Ginger Shots

I realize that as I write this post that I might find myself in trouble since the year isn’t over yet! In 2018, I managed to escape the year being completely cold and sickness free. My usual office environment naturally is a magnet for germs. With an open office, you’re sitting close to your colleagues, sharing a lot of the same resources, and bouncing to and from conference rooms with various people. If one person is sick on my team, it’s only a matter of time until it infects everyone else. How I managed to avoid it this year is beyond me!

I like to think though that I had one major trick up my sleeve. In 2017, a colleague introduced me to ginger shots. On our 1:1’s, we had a tradition of walking to the local market, picking up a shot, and taking it before returning to the office. I hated my first time. Ginger hasn’t been a favorite of mine, but the shot was a blend of tart and spiciness. It’s the kick that probably beats the cold out of you! Also over time, these shots aren’t cheap. There are plenty of brands out there, but I’ve typically seen them ranging from $3.75-$5. [Happy Moose Juice] which is sold at my local Bi-Rite goes for $4. I try not to make it a regular thing, but every time I feel a cold coming on, I run to buy one of these and it gets the job done. I recently convinced Kevin to do the same. The verdict is still out on how he truly feels about it. Can we keep up habits and make it through year two with these? I’m crossing my fingers!

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