14 Dec 2018

Car Ride to Calistoga

It often feels like there is never a shortage of places to go when you’re living in Northern California. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Pat, Manan and I found ourselves with zero plans, which meant it was perfect for taking a day trip. I had never been to Calistoga before and was excited to finally see it! On our way, we stopped in Sonoma at the market which I had also never been to despite going to Sonoma many times before. 

We wanted the day to be just about food and wine and relaxing. There was some light planning, but a lot of spontaneity as well. One place we landed at was Indian Springs Resort and Spa. It was meant to be just our brunch spot, but we ended up staying for a round of ping pong and a stroll around their outdoor pools heated by their on-site hot springs! We now know where we’re headed the next time we go up north. 

Posted on December 14, in Life

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  • 🌎
  • How to dodge a Monday... sort of
  • Hand roll life 4eva
  • Actually almost blew away today because of the wind
  • Wanted so badly to make another bouquet today 😫💐
  • @sightglass with all the best light 💫
  • How we survived today is beyond me 😅
  • Not Coachella
  • Just a few years ago, our photos looked a little bit different than they do now. I’ll be sharing a few from the archives leading up to our trip next week! 🌂

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