17 Dec 2018

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Pretty soon every television series I’ll ever need will be on Netflix!

Growing up, I have always had a hard time parting with my belongings. I was an avid collector of Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies, and Polly Pockets as a child. It felt like everything I owned had sentimental value. One thing I wanted to practice in 2018 was being able to live with less. Let’s call this a work in progress though. After hiring cleaners for my apartment this year, I felt like my life had changed. That’s a crazy thing to say, I know, but I was 10x more relaxed after they left and if I had done the work myself, it would’ve been my time and stress on the line. In fact, having a cleaner apartment made me want to maintain that cleanliness. I started a new rule for myself. Every time I leave a room in my apartment, something has to come with me. That something likely goes to the trash or back where it came from.

Marie Kondo, known for her method of “KonMari” – tidying by category and not by location, has a new collaboration with Netflix. In it, she emphasizes the importance of keeping items that only spark joy. In her new series, she’ll help a number of people who struggle with this every day problem using her method and changing their lives. 

The series will premiere on Netflix starting New Year’s Day – just in time for you to kick your butt into gear with resolutions!

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  1. My book club read her first book. I hated it. I thought her way of saying thank you and goodbye to items and how she arranged things was overkill. I saw her series in Netflix and I said No Way, they made a series? I watched the first episode and her methods actually made some sense and didn’t seem as crazy. Some of it is common sense, but as someone who lives with a clutter bug, her methods give you a place to start and a goal to achieve. I probably won’t watch anymore because it’s not my thing, but there were some ladies who LOVED the book and they will die when I tell them about the series.

    Posted on 1.3.19 · Reply to comment
    • Katie wrote:

      Honestly, I too, felt the same way about the thank you and goodbye to items! It feels like a long and tedious process, but I do like the idea of the small boxes for storage. I watched the first episode and the couple kind of bothered me for some reason so I don’t know if I could do a whole season of it or if I need to, but I’m willing to give it a second shot.

      Posted on 1.3.19 · Reply to comment

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