21 Dec 2018

Disney Pixar Short Film “Bao”

For months, all I heard about was the Disney Pixar short that all my friends said I had to see. I didn’t want to read anything about “Bao” for fear of spoilers and wanted to see it for myself. At the time, the only way I could was if I bought a ticket to go see “The Incredibles.” Dragging myself to a theater for one short seemed like too much work. 

So I did what all normal people do in 2018. Wait for it to appear on the internet. 

It’s a sweet story and I can see how it can resonate with many people and why it was a hit. Additionally, it’s another mark for diversity in film, which has been huge for the Asian community this year. These shorts have always been a favorite of mine. I hope that Disney will continue on this path to share more stories like this one. 

Posted on December 21, in Design

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