Month: January 2019

30 Jan 2019

A Collection Part 53

Tonight I did something for the first time that I’ve never done with these posts. Since I started working on this post over the holidays while I was at home there were a few Christmas themed photos in this batch. As I scrolled through the preview, I didn’t feel that same spark or attachment to them as I once had. So while on my way to finish this post, I replaced those photos. Since we’ve been through 53 rounds of this and I’ve never once replaced any photos before posting, in some way, I felt like I was being inauthentic. Could my readers tell that I had swapped them out? Of course not. But I would know and that kind of ate me up for about 15 minutes.

We haven’t written our resolutions post yet, but this made me think of two previous resolutions I’ve had. A few years back, I had “say yes to everything.” The intent was good, sure. But saying “yes to everything” can sometimes do more harm than good. Sometimes you say yes to things when you don’t want to. Maybe saying yes to things causes you to spend money when you don’t want to. Have experiences that you don’t think you’ll appreciate. The next year I refined that resolution: do the things you want to do. And that has stuck around longer than saying “yes.” So if that’s what I truly believe, why not act upon that when it comes to this blog and my posts?

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30 Jan 2019

SF Eats: ‘āina

When I was in college, having a meal by myself was something that I did often. With everyone’s schedules, it’s nearly impossible to find even just one friend to align with yours. After a busy day of school and work, sometimes my solo meals were the only time that I could catch my breath and get some quiet time on my own.

During my time off in between jobs this summer, this was something that I looked forward to. Sure, I could reach out to friends to meet me for lunch, but why bother? I didn’t mind eating alone. It was also a chance for me to explore new and old favorite restaurants that I knew were frequently busy in the evenings or on the weekends. One of those spots for me is [‘āina.] On the weekends, their brunch blows up. I chose to go on a weekday right when lunch started and luckily had the whole place to myself.

I ordered the Bento Box because I love having variety. I also get bored of my food often so I want to mix up my food in between bites. It’s a little sampling of everything including their udon noodle mac salad, egg custard omelette, snap pea salad and their melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. That pork belly pushed me over the edge to a nap afterwards! It may look like a small portion, but trust – that pork belly will fill you right up.

30 Jan 2019

Zara’s New Logo

I’ve never been so great with change. When a new logo is typically revealed, I find myself having a hard time accepting it at first. I like to think over time, it just falls into oblivion and it becomes a thing that I no longer think about. Or it could be like the time Gap redid their logo and I never stopped thinking about how much I disliked it. I wonder where Zara will fall on that spectrum for us.

Designed by advertising agency Baron & Baron, Zara’s letters are all on top of each other. This is the 2nd time in its 45 years of existing that the retailer has changed its logo. What’s the verdict here, y’all?


30 Jan 2019

Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” Mashup

Our girl Ari is thriving right now! But that doesn’t mean that she won’t stop at nothing to claw her way to the top. Even while she’s climbing the charts, her haters still have some criticism. Right after “7 Rings” was released, many people were quick to point out some similarities between her song and songs by Soulja Boy, Princess Nokia and 2 Chainz. You could watch separate videos of her copy catting the three artists or you could watch this one video which encompasses it all.

Conclusion: “7 Rings” is a bop. The similarities are nearly spot on, but at the end of the day, what is anyone going to do about it?

29 Jan 2019

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket

If you would’ve told child me that Hot Topic and Polly Pocket would one day join forces, I would not have believed you. But I’m completely wrong because that time has come. And honestly, I don’t recognize it! Hot Topic is the epitome of a mall retail store. It was known for its dark hues and atmosphere while Polly Pocket could not have been more opposite in its representation. I could’ve never imagined this collaboration initially, but now it’s starting to make more sense – a dark world and a more light hearted one together for the ultimate child’s play.

I will say though, I don’t recognize this 2019 Polly Pocket collection. Why is everything so flat? I likely shouldn’t judge this until I’ve seen the entire 17-piece collection which was released January 16th in stores and online. The collection is more accessories than beauty, but we’re definitely all for it.


26 Jan 2019

Would You Light It?

The fact that candles can come in all different flavors – even the weird ones – never surprises me. I love gravy more than the average human, but it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to have that scent wafting around in my apartment. My guess is that it would have me craving Thanksgiving or KFC and I’d have to satisfy that right away. Is this candle just a tease here? Also would lighting this make me feel like that I couldn’t escape that scent and I would essentially smell like gravy? I’m not sure how this outcome could be a positive one, but I respect the creativity.



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