02 Jan 2019

Sex Education | Official Trailer | Netflix

How much do we love this trailer? It’s so cheeky and charming and I’ve been really impressed with Netflix’s series and movies lately. Many people will always say that middle school was their moment of awkwardness, but for me it was definitely high school. Remembering that I just had my 10-year reunion recently (that I didn’t attend) is still a nice throwback. Sex Education lands on Netflix starting January 11th.

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  • Not entirely convinced that we pulled this off 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Egg tower: 🍳🍣🥑🥔
  • New neighbors! 🤗🧼
  • Perfecting @evachen212 ‘s baby giraffe pose 🦒
  • When your iced coffee gives you the brain freeze 🥶
  • Fried onions are good on everything, but especially on this perfectly sliced piece of fish.
  • I’m a GIANT!!!
  • 🔼
  • Seattle’s constant gray doesn’t bother me

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