05 Jan 2019

Bath Bombs That Make You Hot For Each Other

Is it too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day? Lush has just announced their Valentine’s Day collection of bath bombs and of course, it includes a play on the emojis you used to signal for a booty call. That’s right – bath bombs in the form of eggplants and peaches have arrived. Purchases can be made online starting January 7th. While physical bath bombs can be purchased in stores starting January 11th.


Posted on January 5, in Style

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  • Honestly 😬
  • Matcha 3 ways
  • I ❤️ u ☀️
  • This week’s dinner with @y_azeng was much yum. We kicked off our meal with the tastiest scallops!
  • This grey day is the opposite of today!
  • When you just wrapped dinner and you’re not uncomfortably full 😊
  • Under all this goodness is a sea of udon noodles
  • Bought a dress in this shade of millennial pink this weekend
  • Seared Salmon Toro making a pretty great snack!

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