05 Jan 2019

Song of the Day for While They Wait

I heard this song for the first time yesterday on my Spotify Release Radar and posted it here the same day. The original is more upbeat, but I liked this slowed down version of it and it included Miguel. I remembered seeing this and thinking that the title was different. This version was titled / Nilda’s Story. Not knowing who she was or what that meant, I posted it anyways.

When I woke this morning, I finally learned the backstory. This song accompanied a video. And Nilda is the name of the woman who’s story is featured in this short doc style video above. Her story follows her as she details how she immigrated from Honduras to the United States with her son Keydan. While it hasn’t been an easy journey for her, there’s some hope at the end of it. The context of this song now means so much more than just a slowed turn version of what I thought it was before.

Every day that I have to read another story about parents and their children being separated while trying to immigrate is heartbreaking. There are strong assumptions being made about the people that try and this video for the [While They Wait] campaign shows another side. It’s the side should everyone should see and believe in. This campaign is meant to “help raise awareness and support for immigrants, particularly those seeking asylum and/or facing family separation.”

Directed by Jake Schreier


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