05 Jan 2019

What To Watch: Deadly Class

When I became a fan of Lana Condor’s after “To All The Boys,” I signed up to be a fan of all of her future work. She is the opposite of Lara Jean Covey in all aspects in this series and we love it. I likely don’t need to add another show to my roster, but found myself impressed after the first episode. The SYFY series is dark, mysterious, and a little sexy. It catches you off guard for a show that’s supposed to be a kids in school. Except for the fact that the school is for assassins in training.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Rewinding back, the show centers around Marcus Arguello, a homeless kid running from the police who believe he murdered an entire boys’ home. He then gets recruited to King’s Dominion, a school full of misfits who are on their way towards a dark future. Marcus is on the fence at first, but realizes that his current situation is worse off than this “opportunity” and gives it a show. It’s not a bed of roses once in the school either as he immediately gets off on the wrong foot with a gang. This kid can’t catch a break!

There’s a little bit of an attraction between Marcus and Lana’s character, Saya, but it’s unclear where that is headed. While Lara Jean was the sweet and lovable lead in the Netflix film, she’s just as engaging as a badass assassin as well. It’s also great to see her try her hand at another type of character instead of another one like Lara Jean. There’s a handful of characters that interact with Marcus, each with their own story which will be exciting to see play out.

The show officially premieres January 16th, but you can watch the first episode on On Demand now.

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