05 Jan 2019

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego On Netflix

Okay so we might be way past the age range for watching this show, but who didn’t love Carmen Sandiego growing up? I still remember being in awe of her for just being a strong female character. She didn’t lean so far in being one of the “good girls” or a “bad girl” even, but I loved her illusive-ness. Seeing this trailer takes me back to the days of me playing her computer game on my very old PC and is such a throwback. I’m happy to see that her character will live on in the form of a Netflix series for a newer generation.

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  • A new @somethingnavy collection is being released tomorrow! Do we need another swimsuit?
  • I would have let myself sit here all day and get roasted by the sun. Seeing this in real life is such a dream ✨
  • 🎍
  • Another weekend getting away from me
  • This place is going to take all my monies
  • @2ah.in is my role model
  • Didn’t know I could love a meat and cheese board this much
  • 🛤
  • Juuuuust hangin’ out over here at the side of our house

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