29 Jan 2019

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket

If you would’ve told child me that Hot Topic and Polly Pocket would one day join forces, I would not have believed you. But I’m completely wrong because that time has come. And honestly, I don’t recognize it! Hot Topic is the epitome of a mall retail store. It was known for its dark hues and atmosphere while Polly Pocket could not have been more opposite in its representation. I could’ve never imagined this collaboration initially, but now it’s starting to make more sense – a dark world and a more light hearted one together for the ultimate child’s play.

I will say though, I don’t recognize this 2019 Polly Pocket collection. Why is everything so flat? I likely shouldn’t judge this until I’ve seen the entire 17-piece collection which was released January 16th in stores and online. The collection is more accessories than beauty, but we’re definitely all for it.


Posted on January 29, in Style

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