Month: January 2019

26 Jan 2019

Why Are Identical Movies Released At The Same Time?

Life threw us for a fast one last week when Netflix and Hulu decided to release FYRE and Fyre Festival respectively. My social media was filled with people asking which they should watch. It’s interesting because while the two documentaries are on a similar subject, they are quite different. And while it seems coincidental or rather competitive for these two documentaries to be released within two days of each other, it’s not the first time this has happened.

Cheddar dives into the many times that this has happened before!

26 Jan 2019

Stroll Through Jackson Square

Jacket, dress, t-shirt – Aritzia

My weekends are sacred moments for me. 2019 is all about trying to find my balance between work and doing things that I love. Whether or not we’re succeeding at this, it’s still up for debate! What I do know is that I love my weekend routines living in the city. The ease of walking out my door, picking up a quick coffee, flowers, breakfast, and groceries all within the same hour is not only efficient, but makes me feel productive.

Living in the suburbs, that just wasn’t possible! I needed my car to get to most places and lived on a pretty busy street with very long blocks. It wasn’t a burden to have my car, but it made me miss living in the city.

With Kevin living here now, it’s also more fun to explore other neighborhoods that I may not have found myself in without him. One favorite of ours is Jackson Square. It’s a little nook in the city with some limited shopping, but some of the more fancy stores that I dream of owning pieces from someday.

22 Jan 2019

Speed Dating 20 Girls

You guys, I consumed a ton of videos over the weekend, but this was my favorite. Before 2016, my idea of speed dating was exactly like that one scene in “Hitch” except that film made it so much cooler. Spoiler alert – I have tried speed dating before and it was awful! Either speed dating isn’t for me or I’m a bad dater. It’s unclear. Whatever the case, there’s no way to remove the awkwardness from it.

A few years ago, there was a startup that my friends and I all talked about – Grouper. You (the single) bring along two girlfriends to meet with three other singles of the opposite gender. It’s sort of like speed dating, but with less numbers and in a more controlled environment. This video reminds me of this and something like The Bachelor franchise.

What I don’t like about this video is how focused it is on technology and using cell phones. Think about how awkward it is for “Jon” to just be sitting in the middle in front of everyone, but not actually conversing with them while he has the chance. What I like about this video though is that he’s asking the hard hitting questions. Sure, his interests vary from mine, but it’s what is important to him and it’s actually weeding these women out. He can visually see who is leaving the circle because of his questions rather than say, being ghosted? Imagine how efficient dating could be if everyone got their pool of people like this.

22 Jan 2019

Munchery Shuts Down

One day you’re a start up and the next day you’re not. While everyone was out celebrating the long weekend, Munchery was shutting down their entire operation. 2019 claims yet another startup after Chariot. It may seem like somewhat shocking news now, but these days this happens more than you would think.

Munchery has been around for some time now, but they haven’t always had an easy ride. Last year, they shut down operations in all of their other cities to double down on their efforts in San Francisco. That amounted to laying off 257 of their employees. Even though Munchery had been on our radar, I didn’t actually use it for the first time until this past summer. Most of you know that I haven’t spent much time these days cooking on my own so meal convenience is important to me. Of course, I [used] Munchery during a time when I wasn’t working, but I liked the appeal of it. It came when it was supposed to and the meals seemed healthy and were delicious.

Meal start ups like Munchery haven’t been surviving well. Even Blue Apron seems like it is just hanging by a thread, but it’s all we got left so we hope they can stick it out.


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