02 Feb 2019

Hello February

I know I’m being dramatic, but it feels like I’ve already lived a whole year in the month of January. If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t written our resolutions post yet, it’s because I haven’t had a chance to get them off the ground. Unfortunately, my health hasn’t been up to par since before the start of the year. After making it through nearly all of 2018 without so much as a cold, I ended the year with the last three weeks being sick.

The holidays were tough and while I shed many of the physical symptoms, cough, runny nose, etc. the virus was still in me. I’m currently on antibiotics and it’s super frustrating to have a sickness that you know is affecting your body internally, but can’t shake for good. I’ve always loved February being the month of love so here’s hoping to a more fresh start. I’m headed to Dallas on Monday and I keep forgetting that I’m even going. My sickness has been distracting, but a little nightmare of showing up to work without my suitcase sparked the fear in me.

Is 2019 shaping up to be everyone’s best year? Is it everything you’ve all hoped for?

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  • take you on a holiday
  • Headed out of the city tomorrow ✌🏽
  • Amazon owns this city
  • this dusty light setting
  • And this week I’m in a puffer in the PNW. 🥶
  • The standout dish of our @chinalivesf meal this week!
  • 🍂🍂🍂
  • Another smirk photo.
  • 💫

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