16 Feb 2019

“Yesterday” Movie Trailer

I may offend some people with this statement, but I’ve never been a true Beatles fan growing up. It wasn’t in my wheelhouse and it wasn’t passed down to me by my family. I obviously have a great appreciation for the band and their music though. And I recognize how iconic they are. “Across the Universe” though never did it for me. It’s funny, isn’t it, how some bands and artists can mean the world to one person and not to the next. I think that band for me is actually Death Cab for Cutie. Do we think they’d ever get a film though?

I watched this movie trailer the other week for “Yesterday” and gravitated towards it pretty quickly. Actor Himesh Patel play Jack – a character who loves performing covers of The Beatles. One day he wakes up only to realize that The Beatles never existed. As he’s playing their songs to his friends and family, they believe them to be originals as opposed to covers. This picks up and he rises to stardom out of nowhere!

“Yesterday” is in theaters starting September 19th and stars actress Lily James and is directed by Danny Boyle. The film also boasts cameos from James Corden and Ed Sheeran.


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