10 Mar 2019

Falling In Love With Foiled Lashes

When it comes to beauty trends, I wouldn’t say that I’m at the forefront of it all. I’m more of an admirer from afar and by afar, I mean just writing about them on Yow Yow! Ready-to-wear collections are the place to catch them all. This year, Giambattista Valli caught my eye and I haven’t stopped thinking about these foiled lashes since. They’re not so much for every day wear, but can you just imagine donning these for an icy holiday party look? We’re pinning this to our Pinterest boards.

The look was created by M.A.C. makeup artist Val Garland. To accentuate the foiled lashes further, Val used black liner and white liner above the crease.

Consider us fans.


Posted on March 10, in Style

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  • Another amazing year is ahead of us! It’s the last year of my 20’s 🥳 and the weekend long celebration was the best kick off. My life is feeling full and my body is full of fries.
  • We over ordered (naturally!) any uneaten boxes of fries went to @manannayak afterwards and were perfectly soggy still in its to go bag. This spread though was a dream come tru 🥰
  • This is 29 🍔🍟🥧
  • Last week’s mango sticky rice toast 🍞
  • Are we getting too old to show accidental midriff
  • I would eat 20 of these Toro pieces. Hold the gold flakes.
  • Had the most major craving for @roosterandrice today ☀️
  • Uni - do you loooove it or hate it?
  • ONLY Tuesday 😳

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