10 Mar 2019

Snaps For A Snapshot: Chanel Fall 2019 Runway Show

We’ve had a hearty dose of Fashion Week posts at the start of the year! If any of you have been waiting for this to be over, you’ve got your wish. We’re capping off Fashion Week Fall 2019 RTW with this roundup of fashionable attendees for Chanel. Rest assured, we’ll press pause until Resort season.

Janelle Monae

Naomi Campbell

Ashley Benson in a very wearable outfit

Caroline de Maigret

Claudia Schiffer

Liu Wen

Laura Bailey – still not over completely white outfits

Ann Hsu

Brandi Quinones

Diane Rouxel

Elise Sednaoui

Natasha Liu

Victoria Song


Posted on March 10, in Style

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