16 Mar 2019

Last Summer’s Weddings

My month long summer vacation ended with two back-to-back weddings. I’m not talking two weekends in a row; I mean consecutive Friday and Saturday weddings. Believe it or not, one of my best friends decided to elope that same week as well! While I wasn’t jumping at the chance to have three weddings in a row (hers was Thursday) if logistics had worked out, I would attended. I hate to miss anyone’s wedding, but what can you do?

I’m headed to my first wedding of the year in two weeks – for that girl ^^ so the timing is perfect. Both of these summer weddings were quite different from each other so I wanted to use it as an opportunity to try out two looks. For the first wedding, we stayed local in the Presidio. That black and white polka dotted dress with bell sleeves only cost me $8 at H&M. It was the best “steal” I ever landed! I don’t know what prompted me to pull it off the rack because normally it’s not a dress I would gravitate towards. It had also been years since I had stepped foot into H&M. This dress combined with the high pony and yellow clutch is going down in history as my favorite wedding guest look.

For the next night, we ventured east to Livermore in wine country! It was so warm that I needed something light and breezy. Finding a dress for this wedding turned out to be more challenging for me. We actually landed on it the day before and because I was in a pinch, I went with something I knew would work: Reformation. Readers, have you ever worn a dress to a wedding with a white base? I had deep anxiety over this and almost didn’t follow through with the dress. Since forever, my rule has always been no white to any wedding. I’ll admit, I never once forgot that the base of my dress was white the entire night and it bothered me. As much as I love Reformation dresses, I didn’t quite feel like myself in this one. The H&M felt much more in our wheelhouse!

Since it was the last two weddings of the summer, I also decided to splurge on working with Glamsquad. For Friday’s San Francisco wedding, I had their assistance for the high pony. You all know I could never do that myself! And for Saturday, I hired them to help with makeup. This isn’t something that will become routine for me because it’s not like it’s cheap. However, I think when there’s a certain look you are trying to achieve, but can’t, they are who you want to call.

So far, we’ve just got two weddings on the agenda for the year. I’d love to try out new trends as they come for the wedding season and am taking recommendations now!

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