Month: April 2019

24 Apr 2019


Though I never attended Sasquatch, there was a part of me that was still very sad to learn when it was ending. For many of my friends, Sasquatch was an event to look forward to. I have long admired Adam Zacks for years and at one point, aspired to follow a similar path. There’s regret on my end for never getting to see one of his productions. Sasquatch is gone, but Zack’s presence will return in the form of THING. It will be later into the summer and on the tails of Bumbershoot, but it’s interesting nonetheless. The location is unique and not in the city and there are musical performances, sure, but a little bit more than that. I’m almost positive that I’ll have a few friends of mine still in the industry that will be attending, but I’m curious to know more!

20 Apr 2019

Bridal Spring 2020

Jenny Packham

We’ve been neglecting Yow Yow! lately for work and planning our upcoming travels. These days, the only time I can squeeze time in is on the weekends, but we try to make them count. I completely missed every collection of Bridal Week, but I’ve managed to pull out some of my favorite looks for all of you. This year’s wedding season is surprisingly quite light, but you know what that means? Next year will be a full schedule and I’m almost sure of it. While we’ve only got one more wedding this year, I’m so excited to see what she chooses for her gown. Up ahead? The challenging part of me narrowing favorite looks.

Suzanne Neville

Monique Lhuillier

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14 Apr 2019

Last Night I Became A BTS Fan

Until last night, my exposure to BTS was quite limited. I saw that they were at the Grammys and remembered thinking, “How cute are they?!” It didn’t go much further than that. It wasn’t news to me that they were a big deal. I’ve been hearing about BTS for what feels like years and they seem to be a group of likable men. This performance really surpassed all my expectations. I could watch them dance on repeat for hours. And while I have no idea what they’re singing and what these lyrics mean, it does not bother me one bit.

Readers, I know I’m late to the game. Don’t hate me. But how many of you have been devoted fans before now?

14 Apr 2019

Karen Jerzyk’s Lonely Astronaut Series

There was a point in time where that space helmet on Amazon was a very cool thing to own. Now when I see it in my home, it’s just a reminder of the other identity that Veronica and I had created for myself. This photo series by Karen Jerzyk makes me feel seen! If we would have continued on with Space Girl for a few more years, we probably could have reached this level of cool! But since we didn’t, this post is all about our appreciation for Jerzyk.


14 Apr 2019

Diary of a Song: “The Middle”

“The Middle” was quite easily my favorite song of 2018. I knew when I had heard it that it was going to be a hit and that I would be listening to it on repeat forever. It was also a great opportunity for Maren Morris who was killing it on the country scene already, but skyrocketed with this pop smash. It was only recently that I had learned that Maren wasn’t exactly the first choice even though she was the best choice. Nearly 15 other vocalists had auditioned for the part. Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello were top contenders, but pulled out because their own songs were climbing the charts already. In the end, it all worked out the way it was supposed to.

The most interesting part of this to me was how quickly Sarah Aarons had written this song. Her vocals sound so similar to Maren’s making this the best fit after all.

13 Apr 2019

Cute Watch Of The Weekend

Mila Kunis took over for Ellen this week and this is the cutest interview you will ever see. We’re actually going to post a string of videos tonight because at the end of the week, that’s all I have the capacity for! I kid. It has been a busy work week and today, Angel and I spent four hours planning our trip to Taiwan. Soon, we’ll really be on a mini hiatus from Yow Yow! but I can’t wait to bring back all this great Taiwan content back home to you all.

09 Apr 2019

5 Favorite Pins: Madewell Scarves

It has been over 10 years since I returned to Asia so it’s natural to have a little bit anxiety when planning a trip this far away! I had a personal day to myself yesterday and found myself at the mall because naturally. While it’s great to have the perfect outfits for the gram, most of all, I want to be reasonable. I should actually pack for maximum flexibility in terms of weather, outing, etc and only the staples that can be worn more than once.

I don’t know how we got here, but this path led me to scarves. Personally, I’ve been wanting the Madewell scarves for as long as I could remember. However, I never knew if I could pull it off. The last time I used bandanas as an accessory, I found them getting loose very quickly. Eventually, I lost two of them this year so purchasing these Madewell scarves as a replacement seemed necessary. I’m excited that spring has come around and that I can use them around my neck, but also in my hair to wrap my ponytails. Here are my five favorite ways!

07 Apr 2019

A Collection Part 54

For me, birthdays can act as complete shifts in your life. It was decided that this year, I wouldn’t celebrate the way I normally would and opt for smaller gatherings. The morning after last weekend’s wedding, my friends and I seemed to all decide that we were going to change our perspectives on how we had been “doing life.” In my day-to-day, my weekdays are now packed with activities every night while my weekends are seemingly quite open.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it worse to go out and have a night of drinking during the work week? Yes, it’s completely irresponsible, but I don’t make the rules here! I will say, that it does feel great to wake up in the morning on the weekends without a hangover and with a complete and clear mind to tackle the day. It also means I can make it to my 11AM workout class without any regrets.

This moment right now is not in balance, but I have some high hopes that we’ll be able to get there. Eventually.

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