06 Apr 2019

Maren Morris Performs The Bones on Ellen

I mean, did any of you ever think you’d be seeing me post about a country music star on Yow Yow?! Taylor Swift doesn’t count. Maren Morris performed her latest single this week on Ellen and last week, we saw her live in concert. I, too, was shocked.

I first learned about Maren Morris years ago from a candidate of mine. He happened to be from the music industry and we were just talkin’ shop about who was up and coming. Country music has a very strong stigma to it. It has a reputation for being old-fashioned, twangy, and conservative. These stereotypes aren’t all that false. However, you all know in the last year, I’ve been on this power women kick which includes Maren and Kacey Musgraves. For me, they are the exception. My candidate encouraged me to give Maren a chance and while I was hesitant, I found myself loving her EP. She had had just a handful of songs at that time, but don’t even try and ask me how many times I had “My Church” on repeat. Likely, hundreds.

Her latest album “Girl” is exquisite and these days I find myself starting my work days with her album. Her live show last week in San Francisco did not disappoint. It was my first time at The Masonic – a beautiful venue in the city and her entire set was full of fun and no frills. What I mean by that is that she had a simple set and no outfit changes! She owned that stage, played every hit of hers and it was spectacular on her first headlining tour.

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