06 Apr 2019

Rent the Runway Ventures Into Kid’s Clothing

The popular subscription service announced on Friday that kid’s clothing will now be added as part of their product offerings. Recently valued at over $1 billion, Rent the Runway is keeping up with momentum and expanding their market. The children’s targeted service will allow customers to rent out four pieces at a time and can include any kind of combination of clothing or accessories. These kids are operating on high fashion though and will have their pick of Milly, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Chloe.

As a child, I could never keep my pieces clean as hard as I tried! If I were to use this service on a little one, it would definitely be for more special occasions. Then again, why rent if you have a washer / dryer? Are we, in general, getting out of hand with subscription services?

“We decided to do kids [clothing] based on the requests and pleas from our subscribers and community,” says Rent the Runway COO Maureen Sullivan. “I think people have realized it’s so impractical to buy your kids more expensive clothing — even though it’s so tempting — based on how infrequently kids get dressed up and how quickly they grow.” 


Posted on April 6, in Style

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