09 Apr 2019

5 Favorite Pins: Madewell Scarves

It has been over 10 years since I returned to Asia so it’s natural to have a little bit anxiety when planning a trip this far away! I had a personal day to myself yesterday and found myself at the mall because naturally. While it’s great to have the perfect outfits for the gram, most of all, I want to be reasonable. I should actually pack for maximum flexibility in terms of weather, outing, etc and only the staples that can be worn more than once.

I don’t know how we got here, but this path led me to scarves. Personally, I’ve been wanting the Madewell scarves for as long as I could remember. However, I never knew if I could pull it off. The last time I used bandanas as an accessory, I found them getting loose very quickly. Eventually, I lost two of them this year so purchasing these Madewell scarves as a replacement seemed necessary. I’m excited that spring has come around and that I can use them around my neck, but also in my hair to wrap my ponytails. Here are my five favorite ways!

Posted on April 9, in Style

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