04 May 2019

SF Eats: Pearl 6101

Tonight, we’re starting with dessert! Whenever Winny is in town, our hangouts become a food tour of the city. It’s positive on both ends because she gets good food and I get to try out the new restaurants I’ve had on my list. We also both get fed! There couldn’t be more of a win-win situation for us. The Richmond area has had a number of new restaurants pop up in the last year and it’s well worth the trek to check out. I was excited to be able to arrive early for dinner at [Pearl 6101]! Between the two of us, we shared three plates, but this ice cream sundae with strawberry and black sesame ice cream scoops was the perfect combination. I never made sundaes when I was growing up because I always felt like it was too much for me. These days if I see it on a menu though, it’s my go-to-order because it’s perfect for sharing!

Yellowtail Crudo

Posted on May 4, in Life

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