11 May 2019

Instagrammers Are Killing This Field of Poppies

I’m glad that we haven’t reached this point in our Instagram career yet, but not proud to say that we’ve gotten very close. The world of Instagram is so strange. On a weekly basis, my friends and I discuss how Instagram manages to seep into our relationships, partnerships, and sometimes careers. Even in the last year, I’ve been wrestling with my account and the thought has crossed my mind about creating necessary boundaries for myself. Though I haven’t discussed it on Yow Yow! it’s something that I’ve considered for the last year. I’m not entirely comfortable with all that I’m seeing on Instagram and often wonder if my account mirrors those that make me uncomfortable as well.

We’ll spend some more time unpacking this in a future post. For now, I want to share this ridiculous coverage that VICE shot on the poppy fields. Here’s an example of what not to do.

Posted on May 11, in Life

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