Month: June 2019

30 Jun 2019

What A Change Of Scenery Can Do For You

My cul-de-sac growing up used to go all out for the 4th of July. However, as an adult, I have found myself becoming much more reserved around this holiday. If I could have a BBQ lined up every year at this time, we’d be in good shape! That’s not always the case though. Last year, I was poolside with a cheeseboard at my disposal in the East Bay and home before the fireworks. It was low key, but I didn’t find myself missing anything.

We’re a few days away and I’m still without plans, but I’m not worried. This weekend, I considered getting away to someplace like Whistler and doing a staycation. Will it be hard to find the Best hotels in Whistler with a view of the mountains or along the trails with extra rooms? How pricey would it be? While the change of scenery would be nice, it would also mean an extra cost for me. That doesn’t exactly help the bank account when I learn about getting invited to another trip this past weekend that I should save for. I’m not a writer professionally so what I want to understand is if a change of scenery truly helps.

Last year, during my time off I took my laptop to different places in the city – open spaces and cafes. I did it because I had the time and flexibility, but I can’t say for certain if I actually felt more inspired. In my eyes, I felt like the content was flowing because I had the energy and space to think about it longer rather than just the environment I was in.

Readers, help me out. Should I plan a last minute get away for myself (so long as it is within reason) and spend the day writing for Yow Yow?

30 Jun 2019

DopeKicks – Waterproof Hemp Shoes

In the last few years, one of my favorite trends has been the rise in sustainable clothing and items that are made from recycled or other materials. Growing up, there were never these alternatives. Everything was made out of a handful of materials and that was that. I’m just learning about DopeKicks – a sneaker start up for the first time through Hypebeast. According to the website, they’ve created the world’s first waterproof hemp shoes and it is 100% vegan.

The company’s all-natural shoe is made of extra-strong cannabis hemp fibers, while other upcycled elements make the style completely eco-friendly.
Recycled rubber has been used for the outsoles, while the insoles are crafted of natural tree-growing cork. The tan-colored sneakers also feature 100% waterproof capabilities, ensuring that they are functional and wearable in a variety of climates and environments. DopeKicks took four months to source the most durable hemp material possible, and then partnered with skilled Portuguese manufacturers to use the soles of old shoes in order to create a sturdy foundation.

If I’m being honest, I actually like the look! I remember the first time Winny shared with me the first she bought waterproof shoes. Naturally, I didn’t believe her and wanted to put them to the test right away. I recognize this isn’t my normal style, but when it comes to sneakers, we’re completely open.


30 Jun 2019

Blog Roundup

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30 Jun 2019

The Closet: June 2019

Wilfred Isabelle Dress$128 $88

I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree after going months on end without buying anything. It was a huge accomplishment, but there felt like a dramatic shift between spring and summer. I guess I also looked at my closet and decided that I needed a new wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorite summer pieces below! This year, we’re loving colors, prints, sandals and bags. In a couple of weeks, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale will be here and I can’t wait to share with you what’s on my list.

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30 Jun 2019

Bay Area Eats: Mints & honey

Now that we’ve moved to the city, it’s rare for me to select a spot for brunch down the Peninsula. [Mints & honey] was just one of those cafes that kept popping up for us though. Technically this was our second attempt at it since the first one was a ploy to get Elynn engaged! Upon our arrival, it was clear that Mints & honey was no secret. In fact, we were probably the last ones to learn about it from the sight of the line. What to order: the toast, obviously, but we recommend the sampler so you can try as many things as possible.

Together Elynn and I split the following:

  • tomato + cheese
  • avocado + egg
  • smoked salmon
  • peach + ricotta

Generally, I’m more of a savory person when it comes to breakfast, but I was very tempted by the waffle menu which includes on that comes in a churro flavor! I wish more places like this existed in San Francisco for me.

29 Jun 2019

Song of the Day

Lizzo – Juice

I can’t believe how long it took me to discover this song. I want this on repeat for my entire summer!

28 Jun 2019

Kidlets In Social Media

As many of you have probably noticed, Yow Yow! has taken a back seat in the last couple of weeks. My first and one true love – my job has consumed much of my time lately, but this isn’t the first time we’ve been here. Over brunch, I started to share with Kevin about how little time I’ve spent writing. If it were up to me, I’d make time every night for it. However, after a long nine-hour day, every day, my brain doesn’t have the energy to even string words together in a sentence. “Is the blog done?” Kevin asked. It’s not, but it prompted me to consider how much further I could take this.

There’s a few more chapters that I haven’t covered in my life that I hope to hit someday, but does it need to be shared? One of those chapters that I’ve pondered is kids. Will I have them or opt out? Does Yow Yow! then become a blog for moms and parents? This trickled down to another topic. I promise I’m getting to the point here. As blog owners, we have ultimate control of what we post and when we post. Those in our lives – family, friends, etc. don’t always get a say about whether or not they can be excluded. So who steps in for the kids?

I read a funny article the other day about a teenage daughter who asked her mom to stop posting about her on her blog and Instagram account. The daughter had a point here! She wasn’t wrong at all and the mother refusing just came off as a little immature to me. There is this boundary that I think about for when kids are in that cute phase vs. when kids figure out what’s going on and want out. It’s not fair to them that they have to have their life documented every step of the way even if their parents choose that path for themselves.

I recently started following an SF mom blogger this year who has an adorable young daughter named Marni. They have the cutest adventures going shopping and eating at restaurants I want to eat at. Her parents began making stickers of her facial expressions and selling them. I’m an owner of her classic “side eye” sticker which I proudly display on the back of my phone case. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t wonder what Marni will think about when she looks back on this in her life. I recently adopted a practice. In the last couple of years, my friends have started having kids of their own. If I’m ever around their kids and they’re being cute, it’s a habit to film a quick video or snap a photo for Instagram Stories. It happens so fast, I don’t even think about it! These days, I ask permission. It’s as simple as saying, “I took this photo/video, are you okay with me posting it?”

I get responses on both sides. Ultimately though, I need to respect that parents are doing what is best for their kids and while I’m okay with my life out in the world, many people don’t wish the same.

28 Jun 2019

The Farewell Movie Trailer

This year, I watched the trailer for “The Farewell” and found myself tearing up. Over a year ago I saw Awkwafina for the first time in the trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians” and I cried every single at the time. You’re reading this correctly – the freakin’ movie trailer. The movement of Asian Americans in television and film is a powerful one for me. There were so few individuals in these fields for me to look up to growing up, but it was all that I wanted. I aspired to be a performer and naturally, loved the center of attention. Against my parent’s wishes, it wasn’t a possibility. Also, maybe I didn’t have the talent. The probability of me succeeding wasn’t high because who else had truly done it?

This time for me has passed. It’s not too late for other young girls coming into their own. In everything I’ve seen of Awkwafina, I’ve known her to be the funny character. In “The Farewell,” she stands on her own as the lead and in a more serious role. The relationship between her and her grandmother draws parallels to mine and I think that’s why this film resonates so strongly with me. I can’t wait to see this in theaters. I just know I’ll be crying buckets.


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