01 Jun 2019

Candytopia And Our Farewell To All Things Like It

You don’t even have to read this post to know that I am so completely over these Instagram experiential events. That is written all over my face in this photo. And honestly, when you’ve been to four of them, you’ve been to all of them. At the time, Elisa and I didn’t know if [Candytopia] was going to be our last hurrah, but that much was clear when we got to the end. If I had to rank them, [29Rooms] would be my favorite and Candytopia would be my least favorite.

I recognize that there is so much work that goes into putting these events on, but my biggest qualm is the ticket price. As customers, you are paying a high fee for something that feels quite cheap. These weren’t even close to feeling like real marshmallows! By the end of this run, I realized that what I’m also paying for is germs. Yes, these were created for Instagram shots, but the other audience is children. We’ve simply out grown this phase in our lives and I’m pleased to share that this will be our last one. The only one I’d ever repeat again is 29Rooms, but mostly because it goes beyond Instagram. The content and purpose of each room has been well thought out. While some were created just for fun, others have a stronger message tied to it and touches on current events going on socially and politically.

Candytopia has since come and gone! Elisa and I participated in this when it first opened back in September, but now the exhibit has moved on to Houston.

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  • did y’all think we were going to run? 😛 can you run in ultraboosts?
  • ☺️ when it’s summer we still wear all black 🖤
  • this is where we live now 🥰
  • The only way we’re getting through quarantine is @juni_sf meals
  • We’re making an even bigger leap back into the archives now! I took these at Tết - the Vietnamese New Year Festival back in Feb 2008 and to this day, it’s still one of my favorite photo sets. The vibrant colors always get me 🥰
  • I’m enjoying these throwback photos more than I thought I would. I didn’t have an Instagram until mid-2012 and that’s mostly because I was still using a BlackBerry. Sometimes as we change computers, carrying over those photos with you is too much of a hassle, but I’m now seeing that there’s a reason why some of these still live on Facebook and Flickr.

My team in 2011 will agree with me on this. Campfire OK was one of the best bands we worked with that year. 💯 would book them over and over again and we sort of did. Coffee House didn’t always draw in an enormous crowd, but once a month these were my favorite nights. I love looking back and remembering how talented the individuals I worked with were, but also they were the kindest humans. ❤️
  • I was so excited for my move to California back in 2013, but it wasn’t exactly great timing for Yow Yow! Just before I left, we were able to partner with @nordstrom ‘s wedding suite, @mollymoonicecream , and @drysoda on some of my favorite collaborations.

Elliot Suhr captured these photos for us beautifully. I honestly should have hired him to do all of our collab photos. And even though this is a semi-candid shot of @vronlimhughes and I on our way out of our meeting with Dry, it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come with Yow Yow! Her opinions are the ones I trust the most and to this day she still edits the pieces I have the hardest time writing and is the last set of eyes before they go live.
  • 😆 I’m about to shake up my grid aesthetic! We have limited options when it comes to shooting at home, but now seems like a better time than ever to revisit some photos that we’ve never shared before. Despite this very moody look, I had a great time at this wedding in Yosemite back in 2016 ❤️
  • 🍔 🤤

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