02 Jun 2019

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

This is still my absolute favorite music moment of 2019. Seeing this song and Lil Nas X blow up brings me so much joy! It has actually been awhile since I’ve watched music videos and I realized after watching this one that I didn’t love it. The pattern that I’m noticing is that when I watch them, I just want it to be a constant stream of music. Instead, there’s always a story, which is fine, but then it’s broken up into pieces and feels choppier. I guess if I wanted to listen to the song without interruptions, I could do that without watching the video.

My only hope is that Lil Nas X continues to put out more bops like this one that become cultural phenomenons.

Posted on June 2, in Music

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  • A new @somethingnavy collection is being released tomorrow! Do we need another swimsuit?
  • I would have let myself sit here all day and get roasted by the sun. Seeing this in real life is such a dream ✨

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