28 Jun 2019

The Farewell Movie Trailer

This year, I watched the trailer for “The Farewell” and found myself tearing up. Over a year ago I saw Awkwafina for the first time in the trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians” and I cried every single at the time. You’re reading this correctly – the freakin’ movie trailer. The movement of Asian Americans in television and film is a powerful one for me. There were so few individuals in these fields for me to look up to growing up, but it was all that I wanted. I aspired to be a performer and naturally, loved the center of attention. Against my parent’s wishes, it wasn’t a possibility. Also, maybe I didn’t have the talent. The probability of me succeeding wasn’t high because who else had truly done it?

This time for me has passed. It’s not too late for other young girls coming into their own. In everything I’ve seen of Awkwafina, I’ve known her to be the funny character. In “The Farewell,” she stands on her own as the lead and in a more serious role. The relationship between her and her grandmother draws parallels to mine and I think that’s why this film resonates so strongly with me. I can’t wait to see this in theaters. I just know I’ll be crying buckets.

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