30 Jun 2019

What A Change Of Scenery Can Do For You

My cul-de-sac growing up used to go all out for the 4th of July. However, as an adult, I have found myself becoming much more reserved around this holiday. If I could have a BBQ lined up every year at this time, we’d be in good shape! That’s not always the case though. Last year, I was poolside with a cheeseboard at my disposal in the East Bay and home before the fireworks. It was low key, but I didn’t find myself missing anything.

We’re a few days away and I’m still without plans, but I’m not worried. This weekend, I considered getting away just for the day and doing a staycation. Could I find a hotel in wine country or along the coast with an extra room? How pricey would it be? While the change of scenery would be nice, it would also mean an extra cost for me. That doesn’t exactly help the bank account when I learn about getting invited to another trip this past weekend that I should save for. I’m not a writer professionally so what I want to understand is if a change of scenery truly helps.

Last year, during my time off I took my laptop to different places in the city – open spaces and cafes. I did it because I had the time and flexibility, but I can’t say for certain if I actually felt more inspired. In my eyes, I felt like the content was flowing because I had the energy and space to think about it longer rather than just the environment I was in.

Readers, help me out. Should I plan a last minute get away for myself (so long as it is within reason) and spend the day writing for Yow Yow?

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