06 Jul 2019

Camel Colored Things

Denim Jacket – Gap / Top – Zara / Pants – Uniqlo / Booties – Munro by Nordstrom

Kevin hates being my photographer, but we have to admit – he does a pretty good job right? While I’m so grateful for everyone that I’ve ever had shoot for me, I’m lucky to have a brother that gets it on the very first take. And then produces the best shots even after that so that there are no bad takes! Earlier this fall, I had a strong craving for camel colored pieces. The perfect camel coat was everywhere this past season, but since I wasn’t ready to jump right into it, I settled for a simple sweater top from Zara. It pairs so nicely with my Uniqlo jeggings (surprise!) and my denim jacket.

Posted on July 6, in Style

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  • This is my favorite shade of summer
  • Best mood Monday 🙆🏻‍♀️
  • The happy hour at @trailblazertavern is a good one 👌🏽
  • 🥰 with this greenery
  • Today’s daily dose of color
  • When you accidentally match with the stain on the wall 😶
  • On my way to a happy hour
  • Happy ✌🏽 years to living in this city! 🎉
  • Monday dumplings

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