06 Jul 2019

Zara’s Kids Collection Is What I Wish I Owned

Every so often, someone will say to me, “Shopping must be so easy for you! You’re so small you can shop in the kids section, can’t you?”

I bet when people say this, they think they’re being complimentary, but here’s where they are wrong. If the world so perfectly worked out that way, we’d be in great shape. I’d be spending less money. However, I’m not a kid anymore. Though petite sized, I am a woman. I have hips and a torso and a bra size. This isn’t a post about me getting on my high horse about this though. That being said, we are here to express envy on [Zara’s] current kids collection. We want to own everything and hope in the next few weeks they will actually create this in all women’s sizes.

Posted on July 6, in Style

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