07 Jul 2019

Sunsetting This Weekend

Before this weekend came around, I was feeling a little anxious about not having any plans. My justification was that I’d been seeing a whole lot of people lately and with two trips at the end of the month, I desperately needed “me” time. Aside from seeing my brother on the 4th and Kelly today, that was all the human interaction I had. What I wanted was a chunk of time to focus on content. I wanted writing time without a stopping point and to consume content whether it was reading, watching or listening.

This past long weekend, I sacrificed catch up time with friends of mine and instead relished in alone time. In a previous post, I debated a staycation and getting out of the city. Turns out, a change of scenery doesn’t really impact content. I can write just fine from the comfort of my sectional and with my windows and doors open. Sometimes I like to playfully convince myself that it sounds like the ocean. The creative juices and inspiration will flow, I just need to give myself the space to think about it.

Kelly and I meet every Sunday for CorePower. When we finish, we head over to our favorite mediocre cafe for brunch and to catch up on the week. She’s one of the very few constants in my life other than work every day. I let her in on a revelation today that I started to consider over the weekend. While a weekend like this may seem lonely sometimes, I know it’s something that I won’t have forever. Someday, there will be another someone that will take priority – a partner, a child, etc. Then my weekends become about them or at least will take up 85% of it. When Kevin asks me if the blog will ever end, I’m starting to think that it might, but not by choice. It will be because other priorities will come into play that will consume my time – more than just an average work week.

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