20 Jul 2019

A Pop Up Bar In A National Park

A couple years ago when I randomly by chance won a piece of Herschel luggage through a local boutique, my entire perspective on luck and giveaways changed. It may have taken me 27 years to “win” something, but in some crazy way, I thought my odds had increased. Going forward, I started to think that all was possible and that I’d have this continued luck again. I signed up for more giveaways. Lexi happens to be my designated friend when it comes to Instagram giveaway posts where tagging a friend is required. Don’t worry; I’m hers too!

The downside to all of this is that I receive 10x the amount of emails from brands than I ever did before. I’m still trying to find a block of time I set aside for myself to unsubscribe to all of these. I’ve learned to prioritize certain giveaways and opportunities. Every once in a while though, there’s one that is worth sharing.

Full disclosure: this event happened today, but I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone actually won it! In one of the most innovative contests I’ve heard of, Busch Beer has created a pop up bar within a national park somewhere in the country. There are 154 national parks in case you were wondering like I was. The winner that finds it will receive free Busch Light beer for life. There are a few runner up prizes too, but honestly they don’t compare.

In other facts you should know, Busch actually works with the National Forest Foundation and has committed to planting 100 trees for every person that finds the pop up. If any of you read about this winner before I do, I expect that you’ll inform me.


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