20 Jul 2019

HBO Taps Gossip Girl For Reboot

Does your facial expression look like Serena’s after reading the headline? Hear me out. In this day and age, I haven’t found a reboot that I have actually loved. 90210 was a bust and I can’t remember any that followed. I loved the Gossip Girl book series before there was even a television series. While the ending of the show wrapped up a bit too quickly and sloppily, watching the series was a college tradition for me. Every Monday, my floor mates and I would gather to watch it together and it was an entire thing.

Last year when I was on a work spree, I missed the show so much that I started it from the beginning all over again. A reboot may be questionable, but I happen to favor many HBO series. After they all, they are the ones who brought us Girls, Big Little Lies, and the latest Euphoria. It’s unclear yet if any of the previous actors and actresses will return. I won’t hold my breath for that. However, Joshua Safran, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the former producers of the show will be.

What do you say? Can we give this another go?


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