21 Jul 2019

Sunday Farmer’s Market

I hit the jackpot when I found my home in San Francisco! Having loved my spot in Capitol Hill back in Seattle, I wanted a neighborhood that would remind me of exactly that. You can’t be too picky in a place like SF though. Between high rent costs, expectations, and a long lists of needs and wants, something has got to give! I wouldn’t say that it’s identical to Capitol Hill, but we got pretty close. For the last two years, I’ve grown quite comfortable with my routine of my weekend coffee, a quick trip to the local grocery, picking up breakfast and sometimes flowers.

I’m not a regular at the farmer’s market, but I do like to stop by every now and then. And I’m not [The Mill’s] biggest fan, but I like the way they make my coffee. Never a toast enthusiast, myself, I only stop by when I’ve got guests in town because seeing an $8 avocado toast is an experience in itself.

Top – Abercrombie / Vest – Uniqlo / Denim – Levi’s / Purse – Vince Camuto

Posted on July 21, in Life

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