Month: July 2019

13 Jul 2019

Joseph Lee’s Abstract Portraits

Having grown up with an artistic parent, I am naturally drawn to different interpretations of art. [Colossal] is one of my favorite blogs because of how they are always highlighting different artists. I’ve never seen the same thing twice here and it’s an outlet for me to be able to share on Yow Yow! as well. Based out of LA, Joseph Lee creates portraits using different strokes, colors, and amounts of oil paint. Collectively, they all add up to a portrait, but the level of strokes bring about a certain kind of texture and depth.

Lee began painting as a way to channel his creativity after a failed acting audition. “After working on a long project, I needed to protect my energy and be selfish with my time,” he told Shape/Shift Report. “I don’t have any formal artistic training and coming from a theater background, human behavior and emotions were the closest references I had to paint.”

For more of his work, visit his Instagram [here]


13 Jul 2019

Relationships Over Time

Even though this is my first time seeing this visualization by Olivia de Recat, I think about relationships and their change over time often. It’s all made so clear to me in this one graphic. As I’m glazing over each one, I can pin point it to specific people in my life and agree with the way these have played out. Readers, do you agree with these or disagree? Since I’ve never had a dog, this is the only one that doesn’t resonate.


12 Jul 2019

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Halogen Wool & Cashmere Long Cardigan$199 – $132.90

If you’re from Seattle, you grew up knowing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to be close to a national holiday. Angel and I have had this on our calendar for weeks and knew that we’d be at day one of Early Access. I wish I had known ahead of time how big today was going to be in San Francisco. Do people not work?! By the time we arrived at the mall after work at 5:30 PM so much of everything was picked over! While the Nordstrom in Westfield is fairly large and five floors, it doesn’t boast the same selection as you would have online. However, I’ve never been much of an online shopper. For me, the tough calls get made when in the dressing room.

That being said, I look forward to this sale every year. It’s my version of a pre-back to school back to fall shopping. We scoured every floor not missing a single section. At the end of it, I walked away with a tank top I wanted and saw online beforehand and a classic striped top. I thought I’d be leaving the store with more, but my bank account is grateful that I didn’t. That being said, here are some of my favorite picks from the sale!

BP Heath Bootie$109.95 – $69.90

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11 Jul 2019

Disney’s Mulan – Teaser Trailer

Over the weekend, the first teaser trailer for Disney’s “Mulan” was released! The original animated version will always hold a very special place in my heart, but there’s no doubt that Leslie and I will see this one too. Since “Crazy Rich Asians,” we’ve been on a trek to see movies with Asian leads including “Plus One,” “The Farewell,” and the upcoming Netflix thriller, “Secret Obsession.” The list is starting to get lengthy. But that’s what we call a pretty good problem to have!

I’m looking forward to the latest version of “Mulan” for a number of reasons. The way in which I’ll view this movie today is much different than as a kid. My only wish is that Mushu make an appearance, but I know that won’t be happening unfortunately.

10 Jul 2019

SF Eats: The Snug

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that [The Snug] is one of my favorite brunch spots. Mandi was the first person to ever introduce me to it and my first time there I ordered the pasta for a meal. I wanted to try something completely different! The only breakfast thing about it was the poached egg. If you’re up for something a little heartier, this is delicious though and you won’t regret it.

However, mine and Kevin’s go-to seems to be the same thing always. We never stray. For me, I order the Everything Naan with trout roe, cauliflower schmear and pickled red cabbage. It’s a very non-traditional choice, but the flavors from it are amazing. From the photo, it may not seem like a lot, but this fills you up quick. Kevin’s selection is the classic Breakfast Burger which he claims is better than most other places he’s tried.

These are the two things that always keep us coming back. Coincidentally, it’s the photos on Instagram that get people asking me what we’re having and where they can get it!

09 Jul 2019

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

The title speaks for itself. It’s a random collaboration, but after all Lil Nas X actually has a track called “Panini.” Who better to teach him how than Gordon Ramsay himself? It all goes down at one of Ramsay’s joints in London, Lucky Cat Restaurant.


07 Jul 2019

Sunsetting This Weekend

Before this weekend came around, I was feeling a little anxious about not having any plans. My justification was that I’d been seeing a whole lot of people lately and with two trips at the end of the month, I desperately needed “me” time. Aside from seeing my brother on the 4th and Kelly today, that was all the human interaction I had. What I wanted was a chunk of time to focus on content. I wanted writing time without a stopping point and to consume content whether it was reading, watching or listening.

This past long weekend, I sacrificed catch up time with friends of mine and instead relished in alone time. In a previous post, I debated a staycation and getting out of the city. Turns out, a change of scenery doesn’t really impact content. I can write just fine from the comfort of my sectional and with my windows and doors open. Sometimes I like to playfully convince myself that it sounds like the ocean. The creative juices and inspiration will flow, I just need to give myself the space to think about it.

Kelly and I meet every Sunday for CorePower. When we finish, we head over to our favorite mediocre cafe for brunch and to catch up on the week. She’s one of the very few constants in my life other than work every day. I let her in on a revelation today that I started to consider over the weekend. While a weekend like this may seem lonely sometimes, I know it’s something that I won’t have forever. Someday, there will be another someone that will take priority – a partner, a child, etc. Then my weekends become about them or at least will take up 85% of it. When Kevin asks me if the blog will ever end, I’m starting to think that it might, but not by choice. It will be because other priorities will come into play that will consume my time – more than just an average work week.

06 Jul 2019

Chris Lane – Big, Big Plans

Okay, despite my last post, are you all ready for some cheesiness? I only know of Chris Lane’s name because of Lauren Bushnell. Lauren Bushnell is only famous for being the winner on a season of The Bachelor. Spoiler alert: Chris Lane was never The Bachelor. In fact, he was her second serious relationship after splitting with The Bachelor Ben Higgins who has since moved on as well so we don’t have to feel all that bad.

However Lauren is engaged once again to country singer Chris Lane and he proposed to her at her parents house by singing to her this song that he wrote accompanied by this music video. If this were anyone else, I’d be over it. I know that’s unfair, but their celebrity status makes me love it.


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