24 Aug 2019

Beauty For Breakfast Pt. 38

I have found my forever sunscreen! Now, I know we haven’t gotten to my Taiwan trip post yet, but I would’ve been fried if not for this. Of course, sunscreen was the one thing that I forgot to pack in my suitcase, but lucky for me I had this with Angel’s recommendation. Sunscreen is probably last on my list when I’m looking forward to shopping in part because I’ve never had a good one. Every thing I’ve bought has always been greasy, slimy and feels exactly like sunscreen. The difference in Biore is that it is lighter than your normal liquids and goes on smooth. It resembles something closer to my moisturizer that I use for my face than a typical body lotion.

I have no qualms when it comes to this sunscreen except that the container could be larger. I’m still using the same one that I purchased in Taiwan and milking it for every last drop, but will dread the day I actually run out. The good news is that you can buy this on [Amazon] no problem. The bad news is it won’t be as cheap as it was in Taiwan. I wish I had purchased myself a handful of these, but instead I just brought a couple back for Kevin.

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  • We are outta here for the weekend! It’s our first trip of the year (of quite a few actually!) See you when we land 🤗
  • longest shortest week ever
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  • monday scaries
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  • 10/10 would recommend adding mayonnaise to every @shakeshack bite
  • perfect morning ☀️
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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