11 Sep 2019

Oscar de la Renta

Are y’all aware that I have a very soft spot for the color Chartreuse? It’s no surprise that every season we fall in love with Oscar de la Renta. This year is no different. Even though we’re a day behind, I was watching videos of this show all over my Instagram yesterday. I’ve had these looks etched in the back of my mind just waiting to make this post!

How fun is the bottom of this dress?!

The prettiest shade of blue!

In the words of Eva Chen, “somebody get married in this!”

Someone will definitely get married in this.


Posted on September 11, in Style

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  • Seeing E try on dress after dress after dress never got old!
  • 😍
  • Found myself a perfect headpiece while helping @elynnimator find her perfect dress ❤️
  • We’ll try one of each @senreve 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • But, will we ever get to try the sandwich? 🍗🍞
  • Love how warm it is still at night ❤️
  • 📸 Instagram coworker: @sherwinwu
  • All the tourists are at In-N-Out.
  • Life is short. Always add the pasta for $2.

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