14 Sep 2019

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I know we’re in the process of curbing our shopping habit currently, but I couldn’t help myself from this Something Navy cardigan! Cardigans are making a comeback this coming season – long ones, short ones – and ones worn without anything underneath and as a top themselves. They are a classic staple and always have been. I had a chance to peep the Something Navy collection online before heading into Nordstrom to try it on myself. The buttons were what really ddi me in. They had a very pretty sheen to them and were a total 90’s look. Worn with jeans or even my long slip dress, it ends up being a versatile piece. The sweater is still available online at Nordstrom if any of y’all are interested [here!]

Posted on September 14, in Style

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  • at home with @nordstrom
  • Dug back into the archives of 2015 today because it’s much easier than finding time for shoots 😉
  • With the temperatures cooling down lately, I’m opting for more nights indoors. My only exception to being outside is if I’m underneath a heat lamp and I’ve got a charcuterie plate with my wine. 
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  • Never said no to a breakfast taco (or ✌🏽)
  • If the “likes” are going away, then I guess I don’t have to edit this photo
  • sunday shopper
  • comfort foodz
  • 🌾🌾🌾 kind of
  • Happy Monday! Left my entire wallet at home today!

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