28 Sep 2019

The Closet: September 2019

[Free People Dylan Lace-Up Boot] – $178

Right about now is when the seasons start to transition and like every year, it still manages to catch me by surprise. It was a scorching 90 something this week in the city, but in just a matter of days I was reminded that our San Francisco summer is over. My body isn’t ready for this. My mental state isn’t even quite ready for this. That’s mostly because I’m headed to Orlando later on this week and nothing could prepare me for the hot and humid mess that will be. Slowly, but surely though fall is starting to sink in. I can no longer where my strappy dresses without a sweater over them. Today, I tried on the coziest of cozy cardigans and took it home with me. According to this post though, Zara is nailin’ it.

[Vince Camuto Kochelda Over the Knee Boot] – $239 – $99.97

[Zara Crocheted Dress with Gems] – $249

[Zara Ruffled Midi Skirt] – $39.90

[Zara Heeled Leather Square Toe Sandals] – $99.90

[Zara Ruched Velvet Headband] – $20

[Zara Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag] – $39.90

[Free People Dolman Quilted Knit Jacket] – $198

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  • Dug back into the archives of 2015 today because it’s much easier than finding time for shoots 😉
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  • Never said no to a breakfast taco (or ✌🏽)
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