18 Oct 2019

Old Apple vs New Apple

For someone who doesn’t even own AirPods, it’s surprising to even myself that this is the second time I’ve blogged about AirPod cases. Is it completely wrong that I want to own AirPods just so I can have a cute case? Honestly, does it even matter? This case is a playful way of paying homage to the OG Apple monitor and we love it. I love seeing a timeline of how far Apple products have come over the years and this merger between the two is awesome. If you’re looking to own these and keep your ‘Pods safe, you can buy the case [here] from elago. I don’t know how this fairs in comparison to other cases, but $13.99 doesn’t seem so bad!


Posted on October 18, in Design

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  • at home with @nordstrom
  • Dug back into the archives of 2015 today because it’s much easier than finding time for shoots 😉
  • With the temperatures cooling down lately, I’m opting for more nights indoors. My only exception to being outside is if I’m underneath a heat lamp and I’ve got a charcuterie plate with my wine. 
We’re partnering with @winc again to help all of you get your own set of 4 bottles for a $22 discount + complimentary shipping which comes out to 4 bottles of wine for $39! Use my custom link below to get your Winc wines delivered straight to your doorstep:


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  • Never said no to a breakfast taco (or ✌🏽)
  • If the “likes” are going away, then I guess I don’t have to edit this photo
  • sunday shopper
  • comfort foodz
  • 🌾🌾🌾 kind of
  • Happy Monday! Left my entire wallet at home today!

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