18 Oct 2019

Out To Lunch

Dress – Oak + Fort

In the last couple of years Oak + Fort has become one of my favorite brands. While it is stylish, I think the part that appeals to me the most is the comfort. At first glance, rarely anything looks flattering on me because it is all oversized. Interestingly enough, it’s the thing that I love the most about it. I grew up with much of the clothing around me having to be “tight” and “fitted” as per what was trendy at the time, but it never fit my personal style. I’ve had this oversized brown sweater dress for over a year, but it’s one of my favorite things because I can literally toss it on and go.

Fun fact: It’s also very warm so it’s perfect for a night out in the summer or through the fall and winter seasons.

Posted on October 18, in Style

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  • Dug back into the archives of 2015 today because it’s much easier than finding time for shoots 😉
  • With the temperatures cooling down lately, I’m opting for more nights indoors. My only exception to being outside is if I’m underneath a heat lamp and I’ve got a charcuterie plate with my wine. 
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  • Never said no to a breakfast taco (or ✌🏽)
  • If the “likes” are going away, then I guess I don’t have to edit this photo
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