Month: October 2019

16 Oct 2019

SF Eats: OMA San Francisco Station

Earlier this year, I shared a quick snippet of my birthday at McDonald’s which was glorious! However, that wasn’t the only celebrating we did. Before McDonald’s, we headed to my first Omakase ever. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of it, but never had the occasion to try it. I can get by with some simple sashimi and a few rolls usually! My birthday felt like an opportune time to try this out so I took this recommendation from an Instagram friend of mine and went to [OMA San Francisco Station.] It hadn’t been open for long, but we recommend still making a reservation. They accommodate eight seats and a few times that they serve per day so walk-ins are tough.

It was a different feeling receiving each piece of nigiri one at a time. Since the price is steep and the pieces are minimal, I was worried about being hungry afterwards. Obviously, that quickly diminished as I got to the end of the meal and realized that you can order extra when the Omakase is done. It was nice to be able to savor each piece as it was crafted by our chef and to spend these moments enjoying the meal in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

We had such a great time for my birthday that we actually went back for a second time to celebrate Kevin’s. These photos are from both occasions! It’s important to note that their menu has four different categories which include different price points and amounts of Nigiri. Each time, we chose the Nozomi, which includes 12 pieces of Nigiri and one Temaki for $85. While I haven’t tried other Omakases in the city, I have heard that this price and the quality is a great deal!

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16 Oct 2019

Air Jordan 8 “Pendleton”

Everyone here knows that I was introduced to my first Pendleton back in 2012 and I haven’t stopped talking about it since. It was the nicest gift that I ever received from blogging and the warmest thing that I own. I know this Air Jordan with the Pendleton print doesn’t look all that appealing, but that’s not what we’re doing for here. I’m all about the Pacific Northwest pride and as clunky as this sneaker is, we’re all about it. Nike Jordans and Pendleton are the ultimate Pacific Northwest collab coming out of Oregon.

A release of these is slated for November and will be going for $200 USD. Readers, would you wear these? How would you style them with your other Pacific Northwest belongings?


14 Oct 2019

Sesame Street Tackles Addiction

It’s interesting for me to see clips of “Sesame Street” now in 2019 because I have so much context and general life experience, but I often wonder how I would have grasped ideas like this as a kid. Watching this clip now, they graze over the idea of “drug addiction” without actually saying it. Is it because it’s just enough information that viewers will discuss it with their parents afterwards? This leads me to become even more fascinated by the producers and those that create the content of the show. Regardless, these are important things to discuss. Growing up, I did have peers that faced difficult home lives and obviously they weren’t discussed often, but there were subtle clues that you didn’t know how to ask about or you did and had to tread those waters when you got there.

Sesame Street are no strangers to tackling sensitive issues that are typically beyond their usual target audience, albeit in a typically subtle manner. Anybody that’s ever suffered from addiction, whether directly or indirectly, will know how damaging it can be on people’s lives. Finding a rehabilitation facility similar to The Ohana is often the best way to treat addiction however many people struggle to seek help and admit their problem to loved ones. If you have been fighting addiction alone, it’s a good idea to reach out to someone for help because it will be the most challenging journey of your life. Plus, there are now more resources available to addicts than ever before. For example, if you have an opioid addiction, this company in Ohio can get you the suboxone you need to help fight the addiction and improve your chances of going sober.

Being around an addict can turn into a burden for people, especially when it is somebody that they love deeply. Of course, sometimes, addiction can become a large part of people’s relationships, which is especially sad when it comes to romantic relationships where genuine feelings were once shared. But, when addiction takes over, these feelings can be hard to make sense of. In these cases, the best place for addicts may be somewhere like couples rehab. Here, partners can tackle their addiction together, helping one another to grow and, ultimately, help them get their relationship back on track. This may be advisable to any couple in your life that could benefit from something like this, and you may wish to guide them to places like this helpful site to get their journey to recovery started. Who knew that Sesame Street could draw such strong reactions from their stories?

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared “Karli’s” story on Yow Yow! but even through a tough upbringing, she’s such a positive light. I’m loving her story line and appreciate how much it is resonating with viewers.


14 Oct 2019

Zoë Kravitz is Selina Kyle

It’s not confirmed yet that she’ll be Catwoman, but if we’re following the comics correctly, that’s basically what is going to happen. We couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to fill this role than Zoë. As Bonnie in the last two seasons of “Big Little Lies,” I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what her next big role would be. She will star opposite of Robert Pattison in the upcoming The Batman film with a slated release of June 25, 2021.


14 Oct 2019

Bridal Fall 2020

[Zuhair Murad]

I know we’ve spent what feels like the last month covering Fashion Week so I won’t drag this any longer, but we couldn’t not cover Bridal. Elynn recently brought me along with her as she tried on her first wedding dresses and the experience has completely changed my perspective. Dresses that I thought I’d love, I’d now say no to. There were some dresses that I never thought would be my style, but would now be open to trying. The tip? Try everything. Try what you know you will love and even those that you think you might not love because you honestly don’t know until you have it on. I’ll be sharing more details about my experience with Elynn soon, but for now, here are all of my favorite looks! It’s also surprising to see how my tastes have changed even from [2018]!

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14 Oct 2019

Kate Jenkins’ Crocheted Baked Goods

If seen from afar, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that these were made out of crochet! Since we’ve had Yow Yow, these are some of the posts I love sharing. Growing up, all of my toys came from the toy store and nowhere else. Everything was plastic and like every other toy my friends would own. Pieces like these tug at my heart strings though. They are so unique and made with a certain kind of care that you just can’t find at a store. While I think these would make for interesting pieces in a home, I imagine that they’d be even more delightful for a child who dreams of being a future baker and coming up with their own creations out of these.

I’m in love with Kate Jenkins’ designs and if you love these, you can view more on her [Instagram].

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13 Oct 2019

Camila Cabello – Easy (SNL Performance)

So I loved this song before I watched the performance, but does how much more I like Camila’s music now vs. before have anything to do with her relationship with Shawn? Absolutely, yes. We’ve been following it closely since “Senorita” came out, but even before then the two have been writing a number of songs about each other. And we’re here for it.


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