Month: November 2019

28 Nov 2019

“Your Gap Look”

Top – shop in Taipei / Denim Jacket – Gap / Pants – Alternative Apparel / Scarf + Bag – Madewell / Heels – Oak + Fort

If there’s something that I could work on with regards to getting ready in the morning, it would be accessorizing. This look was caught on a good day, but in general, I’m usually without any additional accessories or jewelry. The combination of red, white, and blue is a classic look, but my concern is that it sometimes gets branded 4th of July too quickly. Maybe this felt more subtle because there are a few other colors mixed in. Perhaps it’s because this was an outfit I wore to work and not to a summer BBQ.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I tread the line between comfy cozy and professional a bit closely. I received some anonymous feedback that sometimes the addition of heels to my outfits doesn’t work because the overall look is too casual. *shrugs* You can elevate nearly any look with heels. Also your own discomfort with the look doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m doing it incorrectly.

28 Nov 2019

The Closet: November 2019

[Donni Sherpa 1/2 Zip] – $249

It’s our last guide before we get into the holidays and November is all about the cozy! Temperatures in San Francisco have been rapidly declining and as much as I love to bundle up at home, I still rely heavily on my space heater. We totally missed the concept on layers. Most of everything in here has to do with warmth, but I’ve thrown in a few fun pieces as well!

[Sézane Penelope Boots], $275

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28 Nov 2019

The Sill – Cow Hollow

One of the most fun parts about having Yow Yow! is writing about something and then having it be something you can experience years later. When [The Sill] first debuted in New York, we wrote about it on [Yow Yow!] back in 2013. I believe back then I may have called them a start-up, but they have a true store front now and they’ve landed in San Francisco. A week into their shop in Cow Hollow, I dragged Brad along with me so that I could see them in real life. The process was seamless. First you pick your pot, then your plant and then they put it all together for you so that you can bring it home without having to do any of the work yourself. Except for, well, keeping it alive. I suppose that’s where the real work comes in!

2181 Union Street

There are no shortage of plants store within the city, but I’m partial to this one for personal reasons. 🙂

28 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

However you decide to spend your Thanksgiving day, I hope it is filled with joy, delicious food, and rest. This is the first time in six years that I’ve returned home to spend Thanksgiving with my immediate family and I’m surprised at how a change of environment can impact your way of enjoying the holidays. Time spent thinking about work has significantly lessened. I’ll admit I have had to push myself to log off Slack and remove my email tab since I got home.

If we’re being honest though, I maybe officially checked out last week in anticipation for this. Why can’t Thanksgiving stretch out to a full week instead of just a day? As I type this from my parents’ living room and watching the first football game of the day, I’m so grateful for my relationships, my job, and my health and well being. The last few years of my 20’s have surrounded me with some of the best people in my life and have given me incredible experiences. Instead of the usual anxiety about heading into my 30’s that I normally have, I’m more excited than ever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

27 Nov 2019

Down to Denver

As we get older and life happens, it can be challenging to find quality time with your friends. Trips get harder to plan and even brunches fall by the wayside between everyone’s weekend plans. A couple years ago, our friend Leah left the Bay Area for a new job. None of us had ever been to Denver before and when that’s where we had decided, I was thrilled. For the last year, Denver has been coming up in my searches as an up-and-coming food city, but as you expected, a weekend is never enough time to try everything.

I landed in Denver before everyone else which meant I got one extra food spot to try! Seeking a simple lunch, I landed at Call, also conveniently located in a fun neighborhood.

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27 Nov 2019

Taylor Swift – Lover (First Dance Remix)

After hearing “Lover” for the first time, I wondered if I’d be hearing it at any of my upcoming weddings next year. Coming from someone who has an entire playlist of songs that can be used at weddings, it embodies many “first dance” traits. The pace and tempo, lyrics, and Taylor’s vocals are among a few of those. This is the third version of the song so far, but there’s a noticeable difference between this one, the original, and the one with Shawn Mendes. Any takes on whether we’ll hear a 4th version before the end of the year?

25 Nov 2019

2019 American Music Awards Performances

I know that paying for cable is something most people don’t do these days, but I love watching award show performances live! I’m sharing a few of my favorites from yesterday evening because we all know they’ll be taken down soon enough. Naturally, Camila and Shawn steal the whole freakin’ show. And even though we’ve all seen disgustingly make out, they still continue to tease us in performances.

And unfortunately, I can’t find the Taylor medley.


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