22 Nov 2019

Cancelled: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

When I wrote back in May that the [Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Was No More] I was under the impression it was done for good. Now, I’m going to have to retract that a bit because at the time it was still just a rumor that it might be cancelled. My titling is a bit misleading, but now it’s not just a rumor. It was announced this week that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would not be happening this year. However, it’s still to be determined on whether it’s gone forever.

The brand has fallen under some major criticism this year. Aside from the fact that sales are down, people pointed out that it seemed like Victoria’s Secret was not only lacking in diversity, but also inclusivity by saying they wouldn’t hire transsexual models. It’s as if they think the only place they can show up is on sites like shemalehd.sex with that kind of exclusion. Growing up, Victoria’s Secret was a go-to brand for teenage girls. Was it because at the time, it was the only brand? The only brand that we could afford with our allowances? These days, I don’t think I know anyone in my circle of girlfriends that is still shopping there, do you?


Posted on November 22, in Style

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