22 Nov 2019

Rent the Heath Ceramics’ Designed Tahoe Cabin

I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to Heath Ceramics. I was at my former manager’s home for a meal when the dishware caught my eye. How did everything feel so smooth? It was also my first time seeing dishware that was in color. Growing up, everything was white. When I moved into my own homes and purchased dishware for the first time, it still remained white.

From that moment on, Heath became a household name. Literally. As my friends started to marry off, the best piece of advice I could give them? Make sure you register at Heath Ceramics. I wanted to continue to pass this on as I knew no one would regret it knowing about them. My parents even received their first two Heath Ceramics pieces for Christmas for the last two years.

Now, the founders of the company have taken their own Tahoe cabina nd transformed it into one that you can rent on [Airbnb]. Naturally, the photographs and the overall aesthetic are a design lover’s dream. Staying here will cost you about $400 a night, but we think it may be worth it!


Posted on November 22, in Design

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