25 Nov 2019

2019 American Music Awards Performances

I know that paying for cable is something most people don’t do these days, but I love watching award show performances live! I’m sharing a few of my favorites from yesterday evening because we all know they’ll be taken down soon enough. Naturally, Camila and Shawn steal the whole freakin’ show. And even though we’ve all seen disgustingly make out, they still continue to tease us in performances.

And unfortunately, I can’t find the Taylor medley.

Posted on November 25, in Music

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  • weekend wear 💥
  • In a little over a month, we’ll be in Phuket! This weekend, I’m gathering all of my dream swimsuit pieces in a post to get ready for this trip 🏝
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  • Not a 3-day weekend if you haven’t squeezed a brunch somewhere in there
  • Have y’all seen the view from The Cheesecake Factory?
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  • Capitol Hill leveled up while I was gone
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  • doggo kicks

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