28 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

However you decide to spend your Thanksgiving day, I hope it is filled with joy, delicious food, and rest. This is the first time in six years that I’ve returned home to spend Thanksgiving with my immediate family and I’m surprised at how a change of environment can impact your way of enjoying the holidays. Time spent thinking about work has significantly lessened. I’ll admit I have had to push myself to log off Slack and remove my email tab since I got home.

If we’re being honest though, I maybe officially checked out last week in anticipation for this. Why can’t Thanksgiving stretch out to a full week instead of just a day? As I type this from my parents’ living room and watching the first football game of the day, I’m so grateful for my relationships, my job, and my health and well being. The last few years of my 20’s have surrounded me with some of the best people in my life and have given me incredible experiences. Instead of the usual anxiety about heading into my 30’s that I normally have, I’m more excited than ever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Posted on November 28, in Life

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