18 Dec 2019

We’re on Adam Driver’s Side

Adam Driver walked out of an NPR interview the other day because they started playing a recording of him singing in his recent film, “A Marriage Story.” On one hand, everyone knows that anytime a celebrity appears on a show to promote their latest project, a clip is shown. It’s a given. However, I feel for Adam Driver. He has stated in interviews prior that he doesn’t like it. It makes him uncomfortable and prior to that NPR interview, the NPR team was notified of this.

Walking out on the interview, doesn’t, by any means, make him difficult. It was clearly stated and they were essentially given a warning. I’m not a performer so I don’t know what it is that irks Driver in this case, but I can relate. I once shared with someone on a first date that I had a blog (this one!) While we were at dinner, he proceeded to pull it up and start reading my posts out loud. It wasn’t just uncomfortable the first time he did this, but also the second time! Maybe we shouldn’t known then that this wasn’t going to end well, but I like to give people third chances.

We’ve been a fan of Adam since his days on “Girls” and all I have to say about this piece really is, respect people’s boundaries.

Posted on December 18, in Culture

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