20 Dec 2019

Instagram’s Week of News

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It’s no secret to anyone that I spend most of my time on Instagram. Essentially, it’s an extension of Yow Yow! and this blog, but it’s the best way to keep in touch with my friends both near and far away. The platform has changed a lot in the last few years and while I don’t always agree with every decision in the moment, I understand the rationale behind it. This week, was a big week for Instagram news, but they were little pieces so you might have missed it! We’ll providing a recap here:

Instagram Bans Vaping Ads [Hypebeast]

Influences and companies alike have been benefiting from Instagram as a platform. Earlier this week, I think a spokesperson from the team announced they wanted to make it easier for influencers to truly create a living for themselves through their own partnerships. One partnership that they’ll be cracking down on though is vaping. Given all of the recent news around JUUL, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

“Branded content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons will not be allowed,” stated Instagram’s announcement. “Our advertising policies have long prohibited the advertisement of these products, and we will begin enforcement on this in the coming weeks.”

One thing that I didn’t notice until now is that JUUL actually removed their Instagram account back in November of 2018.

Instagram Will Start Using Artificial Intelligence To Combat Bullying [Refinery29]

While I enjoy Instagram, I am aware that the rise in cyber bullying has increased significantly in the last few years because of these apps. In an effort to try and combat the cyber bullying, Instagram is giving what I call users a “second chance.” Powered by artificial intelligence, Instagram detects when a comment you’ve written may be harmful or offensive and gives you three options. You can delete the comment, re-word it, or leave it as is. However, just that warning, alone could cause someone to think twice and that’s the important part of this tool.

Use Multiple Photos In Your Stories With New “Layout” Feature [Hypebae]

I was literally scanning the app store just last week trying to see if there was an app that could do this! Instagram granted my wishes. Now with the menu tool under “Stories” you can layout your photos. This will be most commonly used for any series of shots you may be taking all at once or maybe “before” and “after” photos. For Layout, you can have it as a two-box template, three-box template, four-box template and six-box template. The feature, however, does not yet support videos.

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